Am I human?

It’s so long since I wrote something on my blog that when I try to log in the site asks me: ‘Are you human?’ and makes me fill in a captcha. I do feel guilty about not writing, but I seem to have been very busy doing other things, and although Lucy and her friends have asked their question, been lied to and have finally escaped from the school library, they haven’t got any further because I’ve been busy painting, decorating, and visiting friends and relations. I also had a lovely time in Grasmere in April, staying at the beautiful Lancrigg Hotel, which is one of my favourite places to stay for a short break. The food, which is all vegetarian was particularly good on this visit, and as usual we were made to feel really welcome, while not being smothered by over-attentiveness.

I still haven’t sold any more copies of The Story Menders, but it’s no good obsessing about it as there doesn’t seem to be a solution to the problem of marketing¬† without an infrastructure behind me.

Even if I haven’t become a famous author since my last post at least I have achieved something by losing some weight, which is satisfying, though it won’t make me rich or famous.

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