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The Story Menders is my first novel: it’s a crossover book aimed at ages 12 to 112, and I’d describe it as a modern fantasy; adventures in parallel worlds, rather than swords and wizardry.  It is published by KDP and you can check it out on the amazon website.

You may wonder why I’ve self-published on Amazon Kindle rather than using the more traditional route but I finally came to the conclusion that it was the best solution if I didn’t want my book to moulder in a drawer for the rest of my life, and apart from that so many people have Kindles, iPads etc that there is a growing market for ebooks.

A lot of authors are self-publishing because they’ve spent one or more years trawling through lists of agents to find ones which deal with their type of book, followed the submission rules, which are not uniform but usually require paper copies, sent off their work and then waited anything from a week to three months until the SAE is returned with a standard rejection letter.

All the agents say that you mustn’t make multiple submissions to different agents or publishers so you start the process again, and again, with no clue about whether you’ve been rejected on the grounds of quality, or too many manuscripts on the slush pile, or they don’t really deal in your genre …

All the while you become more and more dispirited until in the end you put the manuscript away and start again. Agents don’t often look at manuscripts that aren’t written by celebrities, people who have had the money and opportunity to go on creative writing courses, or have already managed to get published, and publishers won’t have anything to do with authors without agents, so they shouldn’t be surprised when people self-publish with Amazon.

As I develop my blog you’ll be able to find some more information about the places in the story, and some back story for the main characters.

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