KDP news, and some other bits and pieces

Today I’ve decided to enrol in the KDP Select scheme which allows Amazon Prime members to borrow my book and I get a share of the royalty pot. Fingers crossed, it just might work, though I’m not holding my breath!

Several new people seem to have looked at my book but they haven’t bought it which is a shame. Still, I guess it’s another baby step towards success.

I’m feeling very angry about what various members of the government are up to at the moment; especially Michael Gove, who seems determined to have totally destroyed our state education system by the end of this parliament. I’m just glad that I retired before this lot got into power, because I couldn’t bear to watch all the developments and improvements of the Labour years dismantled while I was still in the classroom. I’m looking forward to Michael Rosen’s next Dear Mr Gove letter in the Guardian. I’ve included some links so you can enjoy them if you haven’t already seen them.




And here’s a very funny cartoon about Michael Gove.


On a lighter note I’m off to London for a week or so, and planning to visit some art galleries, as well as the Turing exhibition at the Science Museum, and the Hampton Court Flower Show.

As usual I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for anything that I can use in my writing.


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