A London Meander

New Year’s Day … the perfect time to take a bike ride around the City of London.  The City, or the “Square Mile”, is the financial centre of London, and as today is a public holiday, known in the UK as a “bank holiday”, the Square Mile was empty!  The pictures tell the story – click on the following images to enlarge them …

London Wall, empty

the ride started in London Wall. Normally this road is choked with traffic but not today :)

There was plenty of time to stop and check out the city views:
London Wall

London Wall follows the line of the old Roman wall, but nowadays is mostly shiny buildings.


There are many fine old buildings in the Square Mile, including this example in Lothbury.

The Pinnacle

The City is always growing.

Lloyds Building

The Lloyds building is still an icon, looking great today.

God and Mammon juxtaposed.

The old and the new live together quite comfortably.

City sculpture

Not sure how many of those who work here will know what this is!

Two London icons

Two London icons - Brompton and Swiss Re

The Gherkin

Reflections in the Swiss Re building

Tower of London and Shard

The Tower of London is centuries old, the Shard opened in 2012.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge - another London icon, remarkably quiet this morning.

Canary Wharf

the river flows eastwards, towards Canary Wharf

Reflections in Canary Wharf

reflections in the HSBC building, Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf traffic free

Not much traffic in Canary Wharf either today

Canary Wharf trees

Trees still dressed in their Christmas lights, Canary Wharf

Brompton in Greenwich

through the Brunel tunnel to Greenwich South of the river

A Brompton in Greenwich

Brompton and Greenwich Naval College - both made in London

Canary Wharf across the river

Looking from the Cutty Sark pub towards Canary Wharf having used Brunel's tunnel to walk under the water

Greenwich sun dial

The big sundial in Greenwich Park provides an accurate time check (at least when GMT applies)

View from Greenwich Observatory - North East

Looking North East from lunchtime picnic spot by Greenwich Observatory

View from Greenwich Observatory - North

Looking North from lunchtime picnic spot by Greenwich Observatory

View from Greenwich Observatory - North West

Looking North West from lunchtime picnic spot by Greenwich Observatory

River - looking West

River - looking West, the Shard hoves back into view

View towards Tower Bridge from South Bank

Heading back to Tower Bridge

The Brompton is a great bike for exploring London. It’s very fast to switch from cycling to pedestrian mode which was just perfect today when stopping to take photos; the step-through frame makes it really easy to dismount in order to walk around looking for the next photo opportunity! The small wheels, short length and quick steering make it a very nimble machine, ideal for city streets and dodging around obstacles on the Thames Path which I followed for much of today’s ride. At Greenwich I walked round the old observatory where bikes aren’t allowed, but a folded Brompton was just regarded as an item of luggage and perfectly acceptable :)